29 hard mistakes in weight loss

Thanks to the development of the Internet, information has become more accessible, clearer, more interesting.

Now, any person can find everything that he needs by simply typing the query of interest to him in the search box of Google or Yandex.

A huge jump in the popularity of bodybuilding occurred over the past 10 years.

Naturally, the number of competent trainers and specialists in this field could not grow directly proportional. Although, we must admit that there is progress in this direction.

But in such an information-rich space it's very easy to get caught in another marketing ploy. At some absolutely useless state-of-the-art slimming machine, tea "Shit," rumors that a super-dry person weighing 100 kg swings "into naturashka" (without steroids), about the benefits of LPG, KSB-55, goji berries, green coffee.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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Now hundreds of different types of fitness programs are being formed from coaches, who are trying not to give clear, understandable information, but to MISCOND the client, so that he thinks that without this coach he will not succeed.

This is a struggle for resources, in its pure form.

I decided to allocate for you 29 basic hardest mistakes people want to lose weight.

29 of the toughest mistakes in losing weight

Naturally, there are many more mistakes, but I tried to highlight the most common, curious and strange in my subjective view.

1. Desire to burn fat with the help of "greenhouse effect" or with the help of massages

People believe that the next miracle "cram", belt for weight loss and pumping muscles of the press, bath, shaking the fat deposits on special vibration simulators will help them lose weight.

This becomes a little funny when we begin to understand what the fat burning process is:

The fat burning process is a CHEMICAL REACTION

The term "fat burning" is slang. No "burning", in fact, does not happen.

Fat does not burn under the influence of temperature, fat is OXIDIZING.

Lipolysis is the process of cleavage of triglycerides to fatty acids and glycerol.

But it's not fat burning.

Roughly speaking, the fat breaks up into bricks that begin to circulate in the blood.

Next, droplets of fat fall into our muscles, where they can be used as fuel.

Fat burning is the use of fatty acids isolated in the blood and glycerin, as a result of lipolysis, as an energy source.

Now you understand how stupidly wrapped food film, use any garbage, such as belts for weight loss, hope that from a sauna or a bath you will lose weight?

No "greenhouse effect", if we talk about fat burning, DOES NOT EXIST!

But why tell the owners of massage and SPA salons, if you can say that: "The miracle of a phyto barrel with spruce branches grown in an ecologically clean area of alpine meadows magically saves extra pounds," and it's expensive to sell?

That's right, not for anything. It is not profitable!

In the sauna, the sauna, fat and other cells of our body LOSE WATER! But the nuclei of these cells do not become smaller. Guess what happens after you drink a glass of water after a bath? Fat cells are filled with water and the weight will return to the place.

But who cares? Time is lost, money is received from the fool.

But, what did you expect from one procedure? Need to repeat!

Friends, do not be led on this kind of divorce.

2. The desire to lose weight in only one part of the body

"I'm fine, but I'd lose weight in my thighs and belly."

I think you often heard this from your friends and acquaintances.

But again, no "fat distillation" from one place to another or fat burning in one place is impossible (there are a number of studies on local fat burning, but there is no reliable confirmation yet).

The fat burning is triggered by our hormones, which circulate through the body!

The hormone can not circulate only in one place (for example, in the hips), it will be carried along the entire bloodstream, along both circles of the circulation, penetrating wherever it can reach (by capillaries, vessels, veins, arteries) and to communicate with tissues through the receptors.

You can shorten the concentration of hormones in one place, using pumping, for example, but all this is ineffective to focus on this.

But, I think, you noticed that in different places fat burns at different speeds.

This is due to two things:

  1. Capillarization of tissues.
  2. Susceptibility of receptors to hormones.

The number of capillaries in different places of our body is not the same.

Accordingly, somewhere to get to the hormones easier, somewhere more difficult.

It's simplistic, friends, but the picture, I think, is clear.

By the way, a sauna and a bath after training can simplify the penetration of hormones into tissues, by expanding capillaries.

The roads on which hormones travel are wider, it's easier to get to.

Our tissues are not uniform. In some places more ALPHA-2 adrenoreceptors, and in some BETA-2 adrenoreceptors.

  • If a lot of ALPHA-2 adrenoreceptors in some place, the fat burns SLOWLY!
  • If there is a lot of BETA-2 adrenergic receptors, in some place, the fat burns FASTER!

In brushes, calves, for example, most have more BETA-2. And in the hips and abdomen ALPHA-2.

Hence the wrong opinion that you can lose weight in some places (because we type in different places with different speeds).

3. Almost complete refusal to eat

Another common mistake.

Sharp refusal of food leads to a slowing of metabolism, which almost completely stops fat burning.

And after you break (and this will necessarily happen) you will gain even more fat, because the body will think: "And if it happens again? We must protect ourselves in case of famine."

4. Non-compliance with the basic rule of any diet

The basis of any diet is the creation of a deficit of calories (energy) in our body.

If you consume calories MORE than spend, then you STOLL! If you consume calories SO MUCH, how much you spend, then you remain unchanged! If you consume calories LESS than spend, then you LIKE!

Nothing in our body is taken from nowhere.

If you get less energy than you spend, you will definitely lose weight.

5. No fractional power supply

Reducing caloric intake can lead to a slowing of metabolism, which will stop fat burning.

Therefore, we need to deceive our body by starting to eat more often, but with small PORTS!

The body will think that: "I eat often, so there is no sense in slowing the metabolism, energy is enough."

But in the amount for the day you will eat LESS! Therefore, you will lose weight.

6. Advanced feeding schemes at the initial stage

It seems to people that unusual ways lead to everything unusual.

Therefore, there are various idiotic diets and nutrition schemes.

The Kremlin diet, the diet of Larisa Dolina, chocolate diet, cabbage diet, green diet, etc.

As if the more refined you will eat, the faster the result will be.

But it was not there.

The more degrees of freedom you have (products in the diet, supplements, change of diet), the more difficult it is to produce an analysis of the results.

Caloric content and BZU is not homogeneous, so it is not clear how to manipulate all of this.

7. Ignoring daily and other activities in addition to training

Many think that what they will lose weight depends on training.

A person does not take into account his physical activity during the day + the basic pool of energy (metabolism, heat transfer, etc.).

Suppose he consumes 2000 calories per day.

He works in the office, he sits all day on the fifth point, and in the evening goes to training, controls the food. Indeed, he is gradually losing weight.

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And what if this man is a loader and worn like a madman all day, with weights on his arms and back?

To him of these 2000 kcal per day will be catastrophically small, because he will be on 400-700 kcal per day to spend more.

Hence the slowing of metabolism and the stopping of fat burning.

You need to lose weight gradually.

8. Use of ineffective types of physical activity

A thousand times I heard: "What if I do not like lifting weights? It's so stupid. I'd rather go swimming or dancing. "

So said one of my friends, which, of course, was formless.

It's not that stupid and uninteresting, but what not.

There is something that is effective, and that will simply exhaust you (or squeeze out your money), taking your time.

Physical exercise in the gym allows you not only to get rid of excess fat, it allows you to make your muscles look beautiful!

Is beauty and beauty the same thing? NATURALLY, NO!

Around a lot of dead people, but not all of them look sexy.

If you just get rid of excess fat, what will appear? Flabby, saggy muscles.

Therefore, various group sessions, instead of simulators, steppes, saikles, bodiskulpty and other smart-ass smart training methods are NOT EFFECTIVE!

Muscles grow and are transformed from a DEFINED TYPE of PHYSICAL ACTIVITY! From high-volume training with progression of load.

9. Ignorance of its "point of reference"

The reference point is the amount of calories that you need during the day, so as not to get fat and lose weight.

It is needed in order to smoothly reduce calorie content.

Reducing caloric content leads to fat burning.

And if you do not know your point of reference, the caloric content of the diet each day is different, how can you control weight loss?

10. Lack of calorie counting

It follows from the previous paragraph.

If one day you eat 1800 kcal, and the next 1920, then 1750, and then 2100, then what kind of fat burning can we talk about?

All this does not analyze progress.

You do not understand where to start from, in order to gradually reduce the daily calorie content, so trample on the spot.

Over time, calorie counting goes to the back burner. you learn to feel and understand your body. But at the initial stage, this is not in sight.

11. Lack of accounting for the proportion of BJU

We can get the necessary caloric content if we eat one potato, but is it right?

For the normal functioning of our body we must consume:

  1. Proteins.
  2. Fats.
  3. Carbohydrates.

Excluding vitamins, minerals and other macro and microelements.

Each nutrient plays an important role in our body. If there is a shortage of one of them, an imbalance that is not quite useful for us can arise.

12. Use of a large number of products with high GI

Glycemic index (GI) is a QUANTITATIVE indicator of carbohydrate assimilation.

After eating foods with a high glycemic index (quickly digested carbohydrates, mostly) a large amount of glucose begins to circulate in the blood.

In response to the intake of glucose, our pancreas begins to produce INSULIN (the transport hormone of our body, which transports glucose to the sites of use).

Insulin is a somatotropin antagonist (growth hormone, which is one of the fat-burning hormones).

In other words, INSULIN stops the process of zhirooszhiganiya.

That is why, the more sweet and flour you eat, drinking it with a beer, the harder it is for you to lose weight.

13. Too frequent change of training program on drying

Excess stress during the energy deficit is completely useless.

Therefore, the desire to do better can only make it worse.

The stronger the training stress during drying, the more likely to lose more muscle.

The best option is to leave the power training unchanged. Plus, add cardio.

14. Increase in the number of repetitions, with reduced rest during training

Very often you can hear that on drying you need to reduce working weight, increase the number of repetitions and reduce rest between approaches.

Reducing working weights will lead to a reduction in muscle size (why does the body need large muscles that consume a lot of energy, when can it be reduced and energy consumption reduced?).

Plus, the new intensity of training will cause unfamiliar stress in the body, which will really help catabolism of adipose tissue, but, unfortunately, not only fat.

Much faster will burn and our muscles.

Therefore, if the timing is limited, and you do not care how many muscles you have left, this is basically a way out, but if the muscles play a key role for you, then leave your training program unchanged.

15. Lack of developed "muscular feeling"

Most people are not ready to spend 1-2 months to work with reduced weights in order to work out the technique and learn how to FEEL reduction of target muscles.

In the end, they immediately begin to work with workers, at that time, weights, in order to quickly puff up the bittiesweet.

The irony is that in the long run they lose much more time, because a smeared load that does not fall right into the target can only work at the initial stage.

And then, dear friends, there comes a "plateau", in which progress is almost impossible.

Plus, there is a danger that if you do not work out the correct technique of performing the exercises at the initial stage, then this will most likely lead to trauma further.

Weights grow, the curve technique, the load is unevenly distributed, the helix stretching or tearing muscles, tendons and ligaments, joint injuries, and the spine ...

16. Daily lack of sleep

In nature, there is not yet a better way to "reset" the system than a dream in one form or another.

During sleep in our body, the processes of recovery, both tissues and energy, are actively launched.

If we constantly ignore this process, sleep for 4-5-6 hours, then we must consciously understand that we are not being restored.

And while you are young and beautiful, these things do not bother you very much, but against the background of strength training, work, constant lack of sleep, all body systems experience enormous overload.

Especially if you are also an amateur to have a drink with friends on weekends.

Over time, any of the body's systems gives up and starts to act up.

Perhaps it will be energy, and you will feel constantly tired already in the morning.

Perhaps it will be the immune system, and you will get sick.

And maybe an endocrine ... Then get ready for an increase in insulin resistance or other disorders.

In any case, everything in our world is balanced.

If you are unreproducible, then you yourself are at risk.

17. Lack of training diary

"How to increase working weights, if I train 10 reps for 3 sessions every training?"

The problem is that most people do not keep a training diary.

Is it corny?

And if I tell you that, just starting to conduct a training diary, I added 12 kg during the year?

And increased working weight in all exercises.

It seems to us that we can never become stronger.

But only you start to write down your results on paper, you yourself will notice how you start to do more.

Suppose you at the last training stings 60 kg in 3 approaches for 10 times.

And what if I tell you to hang another pancake on each side for 1.25 kg?

The weight will be 62.5 kg. How much do you squeeze?

Probably, the repetitions of 8 in the first approach, 7 in the second, 6 in the third.

"What for? I did less repetitions? "

Yes, but the load has increased !!! Slightly, but grown up.

I'm sure that at the next training you can make 62.5 kg 9 times in the first approach, 8 in the second and 7 in the third.

What has changed? You did 1 repetition more in every approach! This is already PROGRESSIVE LOADS!

Thus, little by little, you will increase by a little, to progress the load.

A training diary will let you know how much you need to do in each approach. In every exercise.

18. The effect of "Yes it went it all"

There is such a psychological moment when a person for a while sits on a diet, and then allows himself to eat something that is not provided for in the menu.

For example, "Snickers".

Then comes the feeling of guilt ...

And the person instead of simply continuing to eat properly eaten even more, thereby exacerbating the situation.

Exit: After the violation of the regime, simply continue to follow the diet without restraining yourself. As a result, one meal will not greatly disturb your balance.

19. Excessive self-pity

Many people are constantly trying to cause self-pity.

"I'm so unhappy, I have to limit myself, see how good I am."

Try to get rid of this habit. Practically no one is not interested. People are selfish in nature.

Your problem will not be solved, and you will spoil your opinion of yourself.

Just calmly do what you must, and your results will say everything for you.

20. Lack of understanding why all this is necessary

There are situations when you do not understand why you are doing something.

For example, your husband is engaged in sports and wants to see a sexy girl next to her, and not an exhausted housewife.

He buys a subscription to the gym for his wife and controls that she is engaged.

Maybe not quite right from some side of the situation, but this is a normal desire, both men and girls. See an attractive person next to you.

After all, for a man, what his girl looks like, speaks directly about his success.

If it is thick, not very beautiful, then it shows that the guy is probably weak, because I could not win a highly competitive partner.

But we will omit the details.

The girl starts to walk into the hall, but very quickly her motivation falls.


After all, she is married, she has children, she cooks, and appearance is not the main thing, the main thing is inner beauty.

She begins to be lazy in training, and after them jams the whole thing ice cream.

Progress zero, bad mood (my husband does not want me), motivation at zero.

What to do?

Understand why it is BENEFICIAL TO YOU!

Immediately I will say a few reasons, the first who came to mind:

  1. BEAUTY. Will be happy to enjoy yourself and catch the envious glances of women and friends of her husband.
  2. HEALTH. No fatigue, a smell from the mouth and sweat, no increased pressure, etc.
  3. SELF-REALIZATION. Against the background of increased attention and good mood, various creative ideas start to creep into the head, you self-actualize and create.
  4. NO EXPRESSION. You stop being afraid that one of the things will not suit you. Simply take the item you liked in the store, and you are already sure that it will sit perfectly.
  5. SEX. Sex with her husband or her beloved becomes brighter. Internal beauty of course, VERY IMPORTANT (* irony), but it is important for a man to understand and see next to him a beautiful girl / woman. And let him tell you that it does not matter, but when you see a slender, sexy person in the street, watch his reaction, everything will immediately become clear to you.

Further, I think, there is no point in enumerating. Understand the BENEFITS FOR YOURSELF and everything will fall into place.

21. Too sharp transition to a new kind of food

Suppose a person was eating at random, but suddenly he decided to change his body and life.

He sharply limits calorie content and begins to eat according to the plan.


A sharp lack of energy is STRESS for the body. He will do his best to make you eat a little more.

You will be scared to want to eat, feel fatigue and lethargy (the metabolism slows down, the body tries to spend less energy), want to sleep.

Go to a new type of food - it's OK. But do not do it abruptly. The more smoothly you make this transition, the less likely that the body will react negatively.

22. Kusochnichestvo

Many people think that they eat a little, although in fact they eat too much!

They have a meal plan, but between the business they will eat a banana, then a yogurt, then a candy with tea.

As a result, they constantly fall out of the corridor of caloric content and even begin to gain weight.

It's not even their fault.

In our body, there are amazing adaptive mechanisms.

Do you remember how you closed the front door today? Or how to put on sneakers in the morning?

There are many things that we do not notice, because the brain immediately erases these moments as unnecessary to free space and not to clog memory.

Did you know that if you do not think and fix your sleep within 2-3 minutes after lifting, then you CAN NOT RECEIVE it, because the body understands that this is not necessary information.

And with kusochnichestvom. Often people do not even remember that they ate something else during the day.

If you decide to lose weight, then stick to the established plan, otherwise you risk a lot of time wasting.

23. Insufficient water consumption

Practically in all reactions of our body water participates.

With its lack, all reactions, naturally, slow down.

Try to drink 2-3 liters of clean water a day, and you will see how your progress can accelerate.

24. Lack of analysis and correction of fat burning

This applies especially to beginners.

They just eat and do not know their point of reference and calories. But they want to lose weight.

If you do not understand how you move, how can you manage this process?

Count your caloric content, analyze the results every week (weight, reflection in the mirror), and adjust your progress.

25. Waiting for an immediate result

It's all simple.

Nothing happens for no reason.

If you have eaten all your life the way you wanted and did not exercise, you gained 110 kg, then do not expect that the process of losing weight will be instant.

Over time, our body shifts the "point of reference" and gets used to its weight and body composition.

Accordingly, the longer you were fat, the harder it is for you to lose weight.

Be patient. If you do everything right, progress is inevitable, but do not expect that you will immediately get rid of the weight that has been with you for a couple of trainings or useless procedures.

Patience and diligence, friends.

26. Overeating at night

I understand, everyone has a different schedule, different amounts of free time, but a big mistake is almost complete absence of food during the day and overeating at night.

Such large breaks in food slow the metabolism.

And eating before going to bed makes our pancreas work hard, injecting large amounts of insulin into the blood.

Insulin suppresses the action of fat-burning hormones produced during sleep (growth hormone, for example), since. is their antagonist.

Such manipulations are not very useful in terms of fat burning, and health.

27. Hope for fat burners, in the absence of diet

I very often faced with the fact that girls buy a lot of different fat burners, use LPG, peptides, clenbuterol, but they continue to eat high-GI foods (glycemic index). Sweet, floury, all sorts of yogurt, cheese, fruit, etc.

And they are surprised: "Why do not I lose weight?".

And because there are ACCELERATORS of fat burning, but there are NO REPLACERS.

If you do not control the diet, then you will lose weight very, very difficult.

By the way, I have some cool articles about various supplements, and how I took off experimenting.

28. Too long transition from knowledge to action

There is such a type of people: eternal disciples.

They constantly learn something, get some new information, but NEVER INTENTION!

Sometimes, the hardest part is starting something to do.

When you start doing something, then it will be easier to adjust your movement, because the theory, as a rule, is very far from the practice.

Each of us is individual, so we need to listen to our bodies and analyze what will be effective for us.

If you are stuck and do not understand what to do, after studying everything you can on the topic, just take a step, start! And you will be surprised how the road before you appears by itself.

29. The lack of a specific goal and insane desire

When you do not know what you want, then the result will be smeared and weakly expressed.

Many people say: "I want to get pumped up, but so that without fat, well, on the horizontal bars I want it to work out, and I'll dance and boxing." In the end, everywhere a failure.

Remember: "Multidirectional loads give an average unexpressed result"

Concentrate on one thing and achieve maximum results.

No wonder there is a proverb: "For two hares you will chase, you will not catch a single one"


You know, when I sat down to write this article in the morning, I thought that there would be no more than 7-8 mistakes that prevented losing weight, but in the end, when I compiled the article plan, I counted more than fifty !!!

Then I saw that some of them are intertwined between each other.

As a result, I still have 29 errors, which I considered necessary to say.

In fact, there are even more mistakes, but still, I think that these are the main ones.

Now every person who has this mini-instruction before him will be able to understand how to lose weight properly.